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Please check back periodically for updates from the facility managers. Additionally, you may also leave your comments to let us know how we are doing.

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  1. Please be advised, in the first week of August we will be replacing the pitted sections of sidewalk outside of the fire escape and laundry room on Bldg. 2441 (“The Yellow Bldg.”) The sections of sidewalk will be out of service for a 24 hour period. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Respectfully Larry’s Apartments Management.

  2. It seems that the temperature is steadily dropping, and winter is fast approaching. Many of you will want to use the outlet to plug in your vehicles. Please remember that each apartment has an outdoor outlet on the fence marked with your apartment number. If you decide to start using the outlets to keep your vehicles warm we ask that you please use only your designated outlets. Additionally, many of the outlets have been shut off for the summer. If it seems the outlet is not producing power check the circuit break panel in your apartment and ensure the breaker for the outdoor plug is turned on. If there are any issues please feel free to contact us.

    Respectfully, Larry’s Apartments Management.

  3. Winter is here! We kindly ask that all tenants and visitors use indoor stairwell for access to the third floor of BLDG 2441 in lieu of the outdoor fire escape. The outdoor fire escape has the potential to build a thin ice layer that can become a hazard.

    Respectfully, Larry’s Apartments Management.

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